About Us

Welcome to KUBAOS, thank you for your precious time to visit our website.
We are honored to introduce ourselves to you as a world-renowned clothing design company, clothing manufacturer and supplier.

◆ What is KUBAOS

KUBAOS is a multinational and cross-platform clothing design and manufacturing wholesale company. We have focused on making foreign trade women's clothing for nearly 20 years.
The clothing we design and produce covers dozens of categories, including but not limited to suits, dresses, women's vests, women's shirts, jeans, wedding dresses, dresses/evening wear, T-shirts, half skirts, sweaters, costumes/stage Clothing, leggings and down jackets, etc.
We are a strong and established clothing company, and also have the development speed and momentum of the new generation of enterprises.


◆ Our hard power

Strong capital

We have strong production and design capabilities. Our workshop area is more than 4,500 square meters, and the total warehouse area is more than 8,000 square meters, with advanced and abundant production and processing equipment. The total inventory of products exceeds 1.3 million pieces and the total SKU exceeds 12,000. Our US warehouse has more than 3,000 SKUs. Orders in the United States can generally be delivered within 3-5 business days.

Excellent R&D team and technology

Our production and design team has a total of nearly 500 people, with rich experience in clothing design and technology research and development. Our team has excellent new product development capabilities and keeps up with fashion trends. At present, we can provide new products every day and produce nearly 100 new products every week. High-efficiency and high-quality new product development efficiency and advanced production technology have made our annual transaction volume far more than 20 million.

Rich operational experience

KUBAOS has established long-term good cooperative relations with companies, enterprises and factories in many countries around the world and has excellent corporate integrity and tax ratings. We also have abundant production and sales channel resources and nearly 15 years of e-commerce experience.


◆ Worry-free after-sales and service

Personalized service: Our company and factory support OEM and ODM models, we can provide you with personalized service, and process and customize in strict accordance with your requirements.

Worry-free after-sales: We provide you with high-quality options, competitive prices and professional support. If you have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us for professional support. We have excellent and patient customer service.